We deliver metallurgical material and its intermediates: forged, rolled or further machined material as per the customer's wish.
Valsteel nabízí dodávky hutních materiálů a jejich polotovarů dle konkrétních požadavků zákazníka. Kované,válcované případně jinak dále strojně upravené materiály.
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Services for customers

Deliveries of
- steel from metallurgical warehouses of domestic and foreign partners
- steel from production plants, forges, rolling plants
- imported materials including transport to customers

Atypical deliveries - we are able to ensure deliveries of atypical kinds of materials thanks to a large partnership network in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

Just-in-time deliveries: should an immediate need for material emerge as a replacement for a damaged or devalued piece during manufacture, we offer solution in form of a just-in-time delivery as soon as possible.

Division of customer's own material - we offer division of the material supplied by customers. The maximum weight of a piece: 5,000 kg.

Spectrometric test - an option to verify chemical composition of material by means of a spectrometer including a report on composition of material.

Expert opinions – we are able to ensure independent expert opinions from accredited testing stations in order to verify quality of the supplied material

Certificate documentation – upon request, we always supply certificate documentation to the material taken.

Transport – we transport the material to the place of destination either by our own vehicles - see. Machinery, / or via the transport service TEX with the options of delivery terms equal to 1-2-5 days. Transport of material up to the maximum weight of 12,000 kg.

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