We deliver metallurgical material and its intermediates: forged, rolled or further machined material as per the customer's wish.
Valsteel nabízí dodávky hutních materiálů a jejich polotovarů dle konkrétních požadavků zákazníka. Kované,válcované případně jinak dále strojně upravené materiály.
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Offer of products

Kinds of delivered steel

NON-FERROUS METALS – high-conductivity copper, bronze, brass

Profiles of the steel delivered

Blocks, blanks
Sheets, residues on ignition
Free forged pieces, blocks (in stock or tailored production)
Round rods
Flat rods
Squared rods
Hexagonal rods
Cut in-process products

Deliveries of steel as

MILLED BOARDS - angled as per the requirements of customers or as per the drawing documentation.
MILLED AND GROUND BOARDS - angled and ground as per the requirements of customers or as per the drawing documentation.
FINELY MILLED DURALUMIN BOARDS - tolerance for dimensions as per the EN standard.

Chemical composition - in harmony with Czech standards or DIN standards or marked as W.Nr. High-grade tool steel has microstructure as per DIN 17350, micropurity is as per DIN 50602. Materials are tested by a ultrasonic test which meets the standard SEP1921-84 or the standards ČSN 015042, 015043.

Delivery terms – Material is delivered as divided in the desired dimensions upon the customer's request. Round rods are delivered in production length equal 3,000 up to 6,000 mm as per the dimensions and quality. Flat, squared and hexagonal rods are delivered in production length equal to 3,000 up to 4,000 mm. Upon request, we deliver metallurgical certificates to the delivered materials as per EN 10204/3.1B

Our technical options – the material designed for division on band saws - see Machinery, may be divided - the maximum weight of a piece is 5,000 kg. the maximum dimensions are 800x1240 mm.

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